Optimize fonts for better Web Vitals score

Speed and fast user interactions are getting more and more crucial for Websites especially managed with WordPress where you normally have to rely as well on js and css which might take as well a lot of space. Hence looking into quick wins like how fast a font is downloaded to the users web browser can be really crucial as I experiences on my own. On the page I give you some tips.

gtmetrix and Web Vitals

Normally when it comes to speed analyzation of websites you make use of tools like gtmetrix or pingdom to analyze your site and network requests. In most cases you are stucked with all the information and often don’t know where to start. Therefore you have two choices you leave your site as it is but risk that Google might downgrade your site as web vitals are getting more important, you higher someone to help fixing the issues or you start with the quick wins on your own and then invest some money for further optimization when you are on your personal limits for speed optimization.

Images as key issues for bad Web Vitals

When you include images on your WordPress site which is of course most important for photographers like mine this is the number one topic you should care most. Hence you need to check the real required size for your WordPress site that often is created by photographers as well with templates like Flothemes.com. Hence a good indication gives you here as well your waterfall results from gtmetrix where you can not only download your images easily but see as well the real network and page load in Kb.

In order to optimize your site you need to find the real required images sizes via a Webbrowser and then adjust the images based on these parameters. Next you just need to minify the jpgs further with tools like ImageOptim and upload and link your images again. Don’t forget to include as well image titles so that google finds them better in search requests.

Font Size and Flothemes

After you optimized your images a more technical parts comes into place where you should optimize your WordPress site further and really strive to reduce the overall page size.

Font size reduction flothemes

Hence I would recommend to pay an eye on font sizes in Kb and then reduce these fonts to a maximum. In my situation I had on my Flothemes pages 3-4 fonts all over with 500-700KB of size. After a reduction each font did only have a size of 20-30Kb which helped to reduce my Web Vitals score a lot. In case you are interested in how I managed that with Flothemes or other templates just drop me a line and I am willing to assist you on that for a small contribution amout via PayPal.